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Black friday 30% OFF

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The Wallet

This order had a slightly more extensive personalization, all the drawings were sent by the client, it was he who indicated to me where for each of the drawings each one of the symbols, a design with some symbolism unique to the client. The wallet is cowhide, manually engraved both from the front and inside.

Thrasher wallet

This wallet was already done with some time, but we cannot fail to show another of the jobs that we execute at the request of our clients. The wallet was made in Cow Leather, the design was sent to us by the client.

Exploited leather patch

At the request of a friend I made another patch this time from Exploited to sew on a leather vest. The patch is hand-engraved, embossed, painted in three colors, white, red and black was painted with an aged effect to look like it has already been used.

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