Handmade Double Shoulder Holster By Another Way of Life

Handmade Double Shoulder Holster By Another Way of Life

another way of lifeDouble Shoulder Holster designed and handmade by us, hand-stitched leather, manually cut, embossed and hande painted.There are two pockets on each side, each with two divisions, one with a larger space that close with a snap button, and the other is the same size but narrower and closes with a zip.It is very practical for any occasion, it can be worn over a t-shirt with nothing else.
It can be worn with a cloaked overcoat, where the holster is hidden.
You can save almost everything in the holster, mobile phone, wallet, money, tobacco, glasses, etc, etc ...
The holster can be used one on each side or can be used only one part, the right or left side.

Here are some examples of some designs we do.
We accept orders for presonalisations, we can make almost all designs.
If you have any idea for a different desingn a unique presonalisation just for you, contact us, we make it for you.


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