Personalization alien 51 wallet

customization leather wallet

Personalization alien 51 wallet

Personalization alien 51 wallet has been customized to meet the customer’s wishes.

The client chose one of our wallets. He chose one of our drawings, the 3 skulls. And asked to make a few more changes, in the design of the 3 skulls replace one of the skulls by an alien.

In the loop, a smaller alien at the other end would have the number 51 with the design he himself sent me.

The wallet was made of hand-engraved cowhide, the embossed design, the textured background to accentuate the relief effect of the skulls. It was painted in black with the skulls in white and the aliens in red.

The wallet has 2 large spaces for notes and documents. 1 coin slot with zip closure.

There are also 5 credit card slots. See more models of our wallets in our Store.

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