Summer and Festivals leggings


Summer and Festivals leggings

Leggings are definitely one of the most popular garments nowadays as they are very comfortable, practical, light and breathable, and with colours and patterns for every taste. For a music festival leggings are ideal, where a lot of the time festival goers go camping, walk a lot and sit on the ground, becoming a crucial garment to pack in our rucksacks when we travel and take on any adventure. Two to three pairs are enough for a few days stay because they are easy and quick to wash and dry. They are suitable with any style of clothing, be it punk, gothic, heavy metal or any other urban tribe. T-shirts, corsets, tops, long jumpers, skirts, mini skirts, dresses, shorts, denim vests with or without patches and leather jackets all combine with leggings. They also go well with any type of footwear like steel cap boots or any other boots, high heels, sneakers, creepers, sandals or flip flops. Be it in a festival, during a trip or in the day to day, leggings are really versatile. A garment that we cannot be without for its comfort and without sacrificing our own style. We invite you to visit our online alternative store where you will have the opportunity to choose between a wide variety of colours and patterns.

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